Friday, February 17, 2012

So Much For Plans

Yesterday got off to a good start, everything going as planned. I had my blog post written, was dressed, had all three kids fed dressed and packed for school, as was ready to make the drive to see my sister. Then it happened. First I got the text, my nephew is sick so a visit is out. Disappointing, but not total disaster. This news however was quickly followed by my eldest projectile vomiting.(Gross when it's a baby, so much worse when a teenager)

Anyway long story short, hopes of a healthy home dashed, and much anticipated photo session canceled there was nothing left to do but crawl back in bed and wait for a new day to start.

No new tatting to show for myself, though I did spend some time working on the Catherine Wheel Join. So I'll leave you instead with a picture of my daughters hair masterpiece. It's about as creative as I get when it comes to hair.


  1. Hope everyone gets to feeling better!
    I love the braid. Livi's lucky just to get her hair up in a bun. And when I say bun I actually mean a ponytail not pulled out all the way lol. Poor baby. Maybe I need to start learning these things. :o)

  2. Thank-you Jess! The eldest is feeling a little better. My Daughter has the half pony bun more often than I want to admit.