Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sad News and Sick Days

As so many others in the tatting world have said much more eloquently than I ever could, we have lost a true gem of a woman this week. Gina B the blogger known for Threads of a Tatting Goddess has died. Though I never had any personal dealings with her, her blog was one of the handful I read daily. Her cheerfulness and excitement for life and fiber arts was contagious, and will be dearly missed.

Today I was planning on sharing my progress on the Tat-a-long being run by Umi & Tsuru at (I'm posting using my iPad and can't figure out how to post links or pictures the way I'd like) However,due to the sad news and the fact that for the third day in a row I have sick children home, ive decided instead to share a couple pictures of how we spent our quiet sick day. I love how helpful my (not so) wee ones are when feeling a little under the weather. They'll do just about anything for more cuddle time.

The threads are HDT by Krystaldawn and Yarnplayer. Both arrived today proving once again even in our darkest moments there is always something to find joy in.

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  1. Hope your kiddos get well soon! Though cuddle time is always nice. I'm glad mine still likes to cuddle with ole momma. Hopefully it'll stay that way for a while. :o)