Saturday, February 2, 2013

TIAS Day 7&8

So this is the first year I have taken part in Jane's TIAS. And lasted more than the first day or two before life became too hectic and I was forced to set it aside. So here for your enjoyment are my days 7&8 along with my guess.
Lets start with day 7

At this point I was guessing it is a flower basket, and that the other colour will be the blooms extending past the handle. My guess changed after today's new instructions.

After tatting day 8 my guess fellin line with many others on Jane's TIAS blog
And here I thought I was being original! lol

~Let not the wind steal dignity~

Friday, February 1, 2013

So Much for a Quiet Day of Tatting

Ever wake up, stretch, and feel lazy as a house cat and decide that today you are not doing anything......except maybe tat?

That was exactly what I had in mind this morning.

It would seem my day had different ideas.

Instead of curling up with some of Jess!'s thread and my pretty new shuttles, I spent the day cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry.
How did this happen?

Well once the kids were off to school I saw the mess they had made of the kitchen. So I cleaned it up, sat down at the table with my tablet and a tea and began looking at all the blogs.

The longer I sat, the more I admired my clean,clear counter tops and spotless stove. When a kitchen looks that good, you just HAVE to cook something.

A little chopping,

A little sautéing

And a good long simmer later

I had a beautiful pot of borscht ready for dinner.

Unfortunately I also had a very messy kitchen.

Grating beets had turned my pristine countertops into something that looked straight out of a horror movie, so I cleaned it again, and moved on to tackling some laundry.

Once I had folded and switched loads I once again sat down with my shuttles and tablet.

Alas I still was not going to be able to curl up for a good long tat.

Instead the Mr. Let me know it was lunch time and asked me to make sandwiches (because I make a mean sandwich, and with his schedule I don't always get the chance to feed him).
After lunch was finished, kitchen cleaned up again, and the Mr. tucked in for his pre-back-to-work nap, I realized I needed to get a few groceries, including bread for lunches and to go with my soup.

Guess what I forgot to buy....... You got it.... bread!

Since I forgot, and didn't have time to go out again, I made a new mess, two loaves of bread and a batch of these beauties, and cleaned up the doughy mess.

By then it was dinner time, followed by cleaning the kitchen yet again, and time to tuck in my little ones.
Then FINALLY at 9:00 at night, I was able to pull out my shuttles and do a little tatting. I do mean "a little". I finished Jane's TIAS to day 6 so I was finally caught back up.

So I did get some done,just not nearly the lazy day I had promised myself. Maybe tomorrow.
Until then.....

~Let not the wind steal dignity~