Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Busy Busy Days......

This post has been rewritten about 6 times now, and each time I try to post it I lose it all. So, almost three weeks later, here are the pictures of my beautiful sister and her baby bump,now known as Ainsley.
I have been extremely busy packing for a trip to Vegas with some of my favourite gals, tatting a piece I've never tried before for a fellow blogger, and trying to fit in some time with my much neglected better half.
I have also been playing around with tongue depressors attempting to make my own shuttles. If all goes well I'll post a tutorial in the next couple weeks. I'll also post some pictures showing some of my adventures in Las Vegas.
But for now I'm am just going to hold my breath and hope that this actually posts this time!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some Days You Have It.....

And some days you don't.

Patience that is.

Have you ever had a day every nerve in your body is pulled tighter than Dolly Partons's blouse and ready to spring at any moment?

Today was that kind of a day for me. For no reason at all I have been on the edge of complete and total melt down. Wether it was asking the children to tidy their rooms, or facing the prospect of turning my (really loud and totally inappropriate) music off so Mr.Wonderful could get a nap after working almost all night, it was not a good idea to cross my path.

Then it happened..... The Big KAABOOOM!

Trying to pull myself out of my funk I decided to channel all my creative energy into building a gingerbread house with my princess.

BIG MISTAKE! Gingerbread houses are finicky enough to cause premature greys on their own without adding my total lack of patience to the mix.

Now the kit I was using to build the doomed structure must have been defective or something (we all know it couldn't possibly be my fault) and would not fit together no matter how we tried. Boy did we try, four times we repositioned pieces, held our breath, and poked our tongues out just right. Each time the stale spiced slabs of gingery goodness came crashing down in a jumble of smeared icing and shattered hope.

During the fifth attempt, that's when it happened. I lost all composure and threw the tantrum of tantrums!

It was glorious as far as tantrums go!

There was cookie bits, gumdrops, icing, and fondant flying everywhere! Until all that remained was a candy land disaster zone and my maniacal laughter.

All that was left to do was pull out my camera and document the crime scene. So I can have a good laugh at myself now the cloud hanging over me has blown over.

A tantrum has never tasted so good!

Friday, February 17, 2012

So Much For Plans

Yesterday got off to a good start, everything going as planned. I had my blog post written, was dressed, had all three kids fed dressed and packed for school, as was ready to make the drive to see my sister. Then it happened. First I got the text, my nephew is sick so a visit is out. Disappointing, but not total disaster. This news however was quickly followed by my eldest projectile vomiting.(Gross when it's a baby, so much worse when a teenager)

Anyway long story short, hopes of a healthy home dashed, and much anticipated photo session canceled there was nothing left to do but crawl back in bed and wait for a new day to start.

No new tatting to show for myself, though I did spend some time working on the Catherine Wheel Join. So I'll leave you instead with a picture of my daughters hair masterpiece. It's about as creative as I get when it comes to hair.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drum Roll Please...

Yesterday I promised to show what I have done for the tat a long found on Umi&Tsuru.
I was silly and jumped in without really reading the pattern so used the wrong size thread, and discovered I really need to work on my tension, no two flowers turned out the same. Oh well I'm going to use them anyway as I absolutely love the colourway.(yes I realise I made one too many, I hoped by making an extra I'd have four useable ones) The thread is peaches and onions by Yarnplayer. I wish I had ordered more!

On a more positive note, it looks like for the first time in almost two weeks I will have all three kiddos in school! Very exciting as that means I can make the hour drive to visit my little sister and try get some belly pictures taken of her before she brings my new niece into our strangely wonderful family. I was hoping to have a little smocking done to bring her, but with my sick children, that just didn't happen. Hopefully I'll get a chance to make up a flannel cap and gown in the next week. (and hopefully the wee one will stay put till then)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sad News and Sick Days

As so many others in the tatting world have said much more eloquently than I ever could, we have lost a true gem of a woman this week. Gina B the blogger known for Threads of a Tatting Goddess has died. Though I never had any personal dealings with her, her blog was one of the handful I read daily. Her cheerfulness and excitement for life and fiber arts was contagious, and will be dearly missed.

Today I was planning on sharing my progress on the Tat-a-long being run by Umi & Tsuru at http://umintsuru.blogspot.com (I'm posting using my iPad and can't figure out how to post links or pictures the way I'd like) However,due to the sad news and the fact that for the third day in a row I have sick children home, ive decided instead to share a couple pictures of how we spent our quiet sick day. I love how helpful my (not so) wee ones are when feeling a little under the weather. They'll do just about anything for more cuddle time.

The threads are HDT by Krystaldawn and Yarnplayer. Both arrived today proving once again even in our darkest moments there is always something to find joy in.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

And So It Begins

For years I've been threatening friends and strangers alike with the promise of a blog. So here it is!

Now the question is what do I write about?

When I was younger I wanted to be a nurse, a teacher, an artist, a speech pathologist, an actress, a chef, a social worker, a musician, a poet, and oh so many other things! I could never pick just one, so I did what any other creative soul would do and I became a Stay at Home Mom so I could do it all!

You see I am terribly unfocused, and my mind is continuously running in circles. So I'm afraid chances are this blog will be too. You may find anything from doodles and photography to recipes and tatting here, and whatever else sparks my interest at the moment.

Right now my focus seems to be on tatting and cooking so chances are for the next little while that is what you'll find here. So I'll leave off today's ramblings with a couple pictures of some of my most recent tatting endeavours. Enjoy!

This is a doily I made for my Mom for Christmas. The pattern is by Adelheid Dangela and can be found in the 30th anniversary book of patterns from Ring of Tatters