Sunday, February 12, 2012

And So It Begins

For years I've been threatening friends and strangers alike with the promise of a blog. So here it is!

Now the question is what do I write about?

When I was younger I wanted to be a nurse, a teacher, an artist, a speech pathologist, an actress, a chef, a social worker, a musician, a poet, and oh so many other things! I could never pick just one, so I did what any other creative soul would do and I became a Stay at Home Mom so I could do it all!

You see I am terribly unfocused, and my mind is continuously running in circles. So I'm afraid chances are this blog will be too. You may find anything from doodles and photography to recipes and tatting here, and whatever else sparks my interest at the moment.

Right now my focus seems to be on tatting and cooking so chances are for the next little while that is what you'll find here. So I'll leave off today's ramblings with a couple pictures of some of my most recent tatting endeavours. Enjoy!

This is a doily I made for my Mom for Christmas. The pattern is by Adelheid Dangela and can be found in the 30th anniversary book of patterns from Ring of Tatters


  1. Very pretty!

    Wow - a tatter in Ontario! There seem to be so few of us!
    Fox ; ))

  2. That's really beautiful! I love the colors!