Friday, April 20, 2012

Look What The Mailman Brought

Yup new HDT from Jess! I have an addiction to her threads, the colours are so rich, and the odd bit of freckling here and there add to their charm. On top of her amazing colours ( you have to see Pink Inferno in person, I hope she makes more soon!) she packages them with an ATC and wrapped like a gift. And who doesn't love getting a gift in the middle of a long month? Check out her Etsy shop for yourself Here or her blog Here Oh, she has started a new skein winding service onto bobeez. So worth it!

Ok, so I realise that this post has gone all fan girl on me, but when I find something I love, I just HAVE to share! And what's not to love?
Now for some other Yumminess. Yesterday I enjoyed a fantastic lunch with one of my dearest friends. We have both been so busy with the twists and turns life throws, that we really haven't been able to spend even an hour together in quite some time. So to celebrate the fact that we were finally getting a chance to visit I jumped into the kitchen to create with another of my!

Yummy French onion soup, and a salad. Full disclosure,this photo wasn't yesterday's lunch since I forgot to grab the camera, this was dinner for The Handsome One about a month ago. But when you make perfection on a plate once, you have to try recreate it.
Well there you have it, fan-girl thread love, tatting, and food all in one spot. What more could you want? .......what was that? You want to hear about Finger Lakes? That will have to be my next post. 'Till then......
~ Let not the wind steal dignity ~


  1. I'm so glad you love the thread! I will put Pink Inferno on my "To Dye" list just for you :o) I love wrapping the packages up, it's my favorite part. Well, apart from the dyeing of course. I even do all the ATCs per order if you can believe it. I've thought about making a stack of them to keep on hand, but I think that would take away from the personalized/ unique feel of it. :o)
    Also, I don't believe I have ever had French Onion Soup. That looks like a delicious meal though :o)

  2. I love HDTs, and Jess has some beautiful colors. Have fun with your new goodies!