Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pinterest success story

Ok, yes I know I disappeared for a long time again. I'm not even going to try justify it. The important thing is I'm back, and I have what I consider to be a huge success to share with you!!
Like so many others Pinterest has become a great time waster for me. (I mean that in the best possible way). Occasionally while I'm perusing the posts there desperately trying to stay awake during a quiet shift I even find something I get excited by.
That was the case last night. While browsing through Doctor Who memes and recipes for yet another crockpot cake, I stumbled on this gem:

So maybe you're wondering why this had me excited...
Well my amazing daughter has a brain injury, so math concepts beyond simple addition and subtraction become very difficult for her because they are too abstract. This method is very visual (her strongest learning method) and concrete. I pinned it and came home eager to try it.
Well wonder of wonders... She picked it up in minutes! We worked three questions together

Then she was off to the races on her own!

A wild success! But it gets better! I just caught her sitting at the table with a bunch of papers everywhere and a calculator. She was practising and testing herself... she even challenged herself with larger numbers!

Who knows, her fear of math may have just turned into a love affair!
(Thanks Pinterest...I'll never feel guilty surfing you for hours again)
Until next time.....
~Let not the wind steal dignity~

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