Tuesday, August 28, 2012

There really is a reason I've not been here

I just don't know what it is.
Perhaps it is because I've been a little tied up

Or maybe it's because I've been pinned down by a friend

Maybe, just maybe I've been spending too much time looking at life from a whole new perspective

In any case I have been busily tatting away. I've finished a couple pieces I plan on sharing very soon, and have been working on a quilt square for a commemorative quilt being made by the women in my church. I'm actually a little nervous about this as I am not a quilter by any stretch. I've decided instead of actually quilting my square I'm going to tat something to represent worldwide sisterhood instead. I'll post picks once I have something worth showing. Which will will be soon since I have to Finnish it by mid September.
Speaking of September, it is gearing up to be an incredibly busy month, even by my standards! Not only do I have the back to school chaos for three kids to deal with and the quilt block, but the monthly tat'n'chat I organised at the local library begins again, Tat Days in Cambridge Ontario is quickly coming, so I need to get my balls on a roll for the competition piece, and I have signed up for Diane's Doodad Double Dare . So it looks like life is about to get very interesting! I'll post pics as I get things done....ok you can stop laughing! I really will. Till then.......
~ Let not the wind steal dignity ~

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