Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello Again

Well so much for attempts at just gets away from me sometimes. In any case I just wanted all my friends in blog land to know I'm still around, and tatting.
Over the Christmas break I had the absolute pleasure of going on our first BIG family vacation. The Mr. and I surprised our jlittle lovelies with a trip to the Dominican Republic to enjoy the sun and sand. They didn't have a clue until we were heading to the airport. Here's a video of them finding out...

YouTube Video

It was wonderful! I even found a few moments to do some tatting in paradise.

Since then I have managed to tat very little as life has gotten busy again. I have enjoyed a couple new purchases though, I ordered the new Jan Stawasz book and managed to tat a couple motifs from it, unfortunately no pictures of them since I was tatting in the hospital waiting room and gave them away as fast as I made them.
I did get a start on Jane's TIAS. So far I've only done to day three, but I plan on catching up tonight.

I also Treated ( yes that is treated with a capital T ) myself to a couple of gifts, since my loving Mr. tends to forget to fill my stocking. (Ok that's just an excuse, I would have bought them any way). In any case I bought this lovely ring,

and two shuttle brothers shuttles.

A better picture of the sterling silver one.
Well that's all for now. Until next time.........