Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm Still Tatting

It has been a very odd few months for me. I've found myself in a bit of a funk and have avoided most of my regular activities like hanging out with the girls, or doing anything particularly creative (and for me that's pretty strange, my hands are never still). I'm not sure why the funk, ( I say funk because I'm not wholeheartedly ready to admit depression) but now that I'm aware I'm trying to pull myself out of early hibernation. So if I disappear for more than a couple weeks yell at me!!

Despite my total anti-social cocooning tendencies of late, I have managed some tatting...... Lots of tatting. Mostly the same bookmark over and over again.....Simple Heart by Vicki Clarke Unfortunately I give them away as fast as I make them. I do have an unblocked pendant I've made based on the pattern I can show you!! (I just remembered I made it this morning.)

It is made from three strands of sewing thread. One peach, one rust, and one a satiny red. I was happy with the way the HWT worked up, but my pendant could really do with some blocking.

I also used Vickie's rose to make this sweet hair clip for my daughter tonight. It to could use some blocking, but honestly it likely won't happen. I'm not to thrilled with the tatting, I needle Tatted the rose and am out of practice, so it looks very sloppy to me. My Daughter loves it though and that's what counts.

Speaking of my sweet girl, look at the wonderful scarf she made! She missed out on Fringe Tat days in Cambridge Ontario due to a family emergency, but Ruth was kind enough to let me take her kit home to her. She was thrilled, and is now working on her third scarf. She plans to sell them at her school bazaar in November.

Well that's about all the social I've got in me tonight. I'm heading to bed now. Until next time........

~ Let not the wind steal dignity ~